LimitEar technologies ensure a safe and high quality listening experience for consumers and professionals.

Hearing Dose Management (HDM®)

Technically innovative but simple to use, HDM® measures the sound level being delivered to headphones and earpieces.

HDM® continuously estimates the average dose level (LAeq – sound level over time), and anticipates the accumulated dose for the day. If your current hearing dose rate is likely to exceed the recommended level* it introduces passive attenuation to reduce the level.

* EU regulations stipulate no more than the equivalent of 85dB over 8 hours in a day.

The signal path is completely analogue; no compression is introduced, and the overall dynamic range unaffected. It also protects the user against excessively high peak levels.

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AdaptEar® plugs in-line between a walkie-talkie or other communication system and an earpiece, it matches high output levels to high sensitivity hearing devices, gives indication of operating levels and provides limiting for unexpected peak levels. When high levels are being experienced, the ‘limiting light’ of the AdaptEar® device flashes to inform the user that limiting is taking place and, by doing so, advises the user to turn down the volume.

AdaptEar® allows the user to safely connect earpieces using appropriate factory accessories cables to a wide range of devices. With two inputs, a miniDIN primary source and a 4 pole 3.5 jack Aux In for a secondary source, AdaptEar® enables simultaneous connection and monitoring with other audio sources.

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