Who Is Protecting Your Hearing?

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Do you work in the broadcasting or live events industry? Are you self-employed working with different companies from day to day? Are you responsible for your own health and safety?

With the disintegration of the television business in recent years, the days have gone where you were employed by one employer for many years and they would look after you. These days, you could find yourself working with 20 or 30 companies in any year. So who is looking after you now?

Your hearing is critical to your ability to make a living.

If you are negligent and lose or damage your hearing, how will you make a living then?

No more excuses, the technology is now available that doesn’t affect sound quality and automatically manages your exposure to sound over time whilst you get on with earning a living. HDM®Pro, available from Sennheiser, monitors the time, level and the density of the sound you are exposed to, to regular and optimise your exposure. It can prevent you from getting Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL).

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Take responsibility for your hearing now.